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“When I came here first I had very little range of motion in my neck and constant stiffness in my lower back and hips.

Now, I have full range of motion in my neck, no pain in the hips at all, and only limited stiffness when I play basketball now. Everything changed for the better once Dr. Howard took over responsibility for my care.”

– Michael W.

“When I started my chiropractic care at Chiropractic Health and Wellness I was in a significant amount of pain as a result of being in a car accident. Simple, every day motions (i.e. turning my head) could not be done without pain. After my chiropractic treatment I now have minimal pain, and headaches on a less frequent basis. Thank you for truly caring about my health and well being.”

– Andrea A.

“I have been coming here for about 3 to 4 months now. Everything I have done has helped my back, neck, and spine. I am almost pain free now. When you come here, take the treatment plans seriously and your body will respond and heal accordingly. Ask questions, listen and things will get better. You will also learn something about your body and posture and how it all works. I strongly recommend this establishment and thank all that work here. I will continue coming for a maintenance schedule to prevent further issues.”

– Ronald K.

“When I first came in to the office I had a sports-related shoulder injury. Within the first couple of visits I was back to normal! I’ve even noticed an improvement in my overall workouts since joining the program!”

– Marcus L.

“Significantly lessened intensity and frequency of back and neck pain.”

– Marvin E.

“I had a minor back pain for the past few years. I had my back diagnosed here and they gave me a plan to tackle my back pain issue. I’ve been coming here for the past few weeks now and notice a big difference. I can walk further without having any back pain. I also notice that my back pain issue has less pain throughout the day.”

– Roger S.

“[Yes, I would refer other people I know to this office] because of the friendliness of everyone in the office and because of my improvement with posture.”

– Jackelyn M.

“Since starting my care, I have noticed that my back hurts less often and at times there is no pain. I can stay in a certain position for longer periods of time without my back hurting.”

– Genevive A.

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